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Company Prioriti Group is a reliable supplier of a wide range of souvenirs from the countries of Europe and Asia. Some types of products, partially or completely bespoke to its own production base, the quality meets the standards, requirements and prices. The main and important advantage of working with us is a full service in all areas of souvenirs including services on application that allows you to significantly reduce the time for the tedious searching and checking the reliability of suppliers. Go to your attention a vast catalog that is presented below, with sections and categories, where you can find and pick up anything that interests you.

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What is the name Prioriti Group? This is a transliteration of the English word «Priority Group» (the transfer of Latin words by Cyrillic). So, the English word Priority - the priority is set indicating the importance championship. The Word Group (group) - (from the Italian groppo, or gruppo - node) association of people or companies based on their participation in a common activity for a common goal. Accordingly, the name indicates that the company through joint efforts to achieve its objectives, to be always in the lead, and bring maximum benefit through its activities.

Priority Group Company was founded in 2007 by the efforts of successful people with a common purpose. After selling souvenirs meant by a high sense of responsibility, and today our staff will provide you with qualified information and assistance in selecting appropriate products. Souvenirs is a broad spectrum that is sometimes difficult to immediately determine the choice, and to keep in mind many items of all kinds of gifts is not easy.

The complete picture shows our summary of the main categories of souvenirs in the catalog, so:

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Textile products


Flags and pennants


Pens and lighters








Leather goods

Printing Products and Packages

Diaries and diaries - notebooks, which are maintained daily records. Weekly or daily newspaper is a popular gift for managers and office staff, because all the records and meetings will be in one place and spaced dates, which makes it possible to plan the work ahead. Diaries and weeklies have different formats and categories, namely; weeklies A4, A5 Diaries format Planing (business organizer, personal assistant in the organization of time and affairs), pocket diaries. Cover diary usually leather or leatherette, block white or cream, this material allows for stamping on the diary, as diaries with logo embossing to make the technology look rich. Also manufacturing of diaries do not often have the cover of hardboard, which allows transmission of photographic images. Therefore, we can always choose the cost and quality of individual diaries to order.

Section of textile products rather extensive. For example: hats, caps, scarves, bandanas - a headdress in the form of a headscarf or veil large, t-shirts, polo shirts, polo shirts, raglans, jackets, windbreakers, and even shoelaces, all of the products will give your staff corporate identity, both at work and at rest. Terry towels of varying density, as well as kitchen towels and bathrobes, which will serve as an excellent gift for housewives and amateurs of a coziness. Such products as banners, pennants, flags, tents, capes, headbands demand for mass events, meetings and various activities, it's pretty high demand products.

Particularly popular logos on shirts, since T-shirt with the logo of an excellent drive for promotional purposes. Drawing on t-shirts usually occurs either by means of technology GRAWERTON either by screen printing, printing on T-shirts of course, possible to implement and other methods. Shirts come in male and female, both are sewn in various shapes and patterns. Sewing T-shirts are made of different kinds of light knitted fabric, cotton, mixed cotton, with elastin, polyester, viscose, rayon with elastin, pure polyester. The density of T-shirts range from 130 to 260 g / m ². T-shirts represent one of the most economical types of clothing, in everyday life in them we find children and adults, rich and poor, men and women. Of course, they vary in quality and price. Therefore, on our website you can order T-shirts of various brands, such as Staff, B & C, Stedman, Fruit of the Loom, American Style, Sols.

Manufacture of flags, or flags and pennants manufacturer and manufacturer of tents or sewing tents are also popular during election campaigns or promotions. Pennant also have some popularity, by the way, Pennant is a long narrow flag, forked at the end, raised on military ships to indicate nationality. Also, in some competitions make the transition pennant, which is awarded the winner. Banner - graphic advertising. Banners are placed in order to attract potential clients, or for forming the image. Banners are made to order means by a drawing of the image, it is either passed through or print fabric is embroidered on the fabric. Sewing clothes is required for self-respecting organization, because overalls underlines the status of the company.

Fairly extensive section cups, utensils because everyone has and enjoy all the cups. We offer our customers a huge selection of cups of different manufacture a variety of materials: ceramic cup, porcelain cup, frosted glass, glass cup, cup and saucer. We propose to buy a cup from a warehouse in Kiev and get an order in operative terms. We also provide services to the decoration of dishes with the help of technology decal - pictures, exposed to high temperature firing. Logos on the dishes, putting on the cup, you can also implement and other popular and accessible technologies.

Section pens and lighters. Handle every person, and is used very often, so order a pen drawing on an excellent drive. Logos on the handles always in sight, they are carried out by pad printing or also known as pad printing on pens. This section contains a set of handles to suit all tastes, there is a plastic handle for mass distribution, metal pens - a great gift, pens, Parker and Waterman pens for people with high status, pens and pencils. Lighters are a great gift for the smoker. For clients, we always offer the best, so we offer a piezo lighter more modern plastic, flint lighters, as older, but proven options. Shells are also different as a metal lighter - more stylish and expensive option, and plastic cigarette lighters - a budget option for the mass present.

Special attention should like to draw on the electronics section because this section contains all of the latest trends and directions in the field of small electronics. So for the time being the most popular Hi-tech-gift - a stick (USB flash). We offer a choice of a wide range of housing USB flash drives and volumes of flash memory: flash drive 2GB, 4GB flash drive, flash drive 8GB flash drive 16GB, 32GB flash drive. We can buy a stick in the individual case. We also offer other USB devices: USB hub (USB hub), battery charger USB, USB keyboard, USB fan and a computer mouse with the application.

Under umbrellas umbrellas are of two types: stick and umbrella folding umbrella. Folding umbrella in its structure is more compact than umbrellas cane, their main advantage is that it is folded, compact size and easily fits in a purse. However, these umbrellas have an elegant look, because such use umbrellas even our grandparents, walking in the park a little leaning on him as a walking stick. In our time, the advantage of umbrellas as walking sticks - their size is in the unfolded state, because under such an umbrella can easily be hidden from the rain two people. Here you can buy umbrellas from a warehouse or delivery order under umbrellas in bulk, and this issue drawing on the umbrellas. Umbrellas with drawing a great gift and promotional product in one. You can also order individual manufacturing umbrellas.

Badges! The word speaks for itself, this small object, which is usually pin on clothing to convey a meaning inherent in the form of a sign. Our company offers you a large selection of icons: printing badges, metal badges, etched badges, badges stamped, cast icons. A variety of icons, for example production of badges (printing), yet they are called sunset icons - used for mass distribution, elections and meetings, corporate icons (icons with a volume label), or even call them flood icons or icons with a lens, as applicable during promotions as well as badges for members of the organization. Etched badges - are used more when they want to provide their employees and to emphasize their relationship to the company or group. Stamped icons - these icons of the big plus is that they can pass volume. Order icons can be made by stamping each company, such an icon, highlight the status of the full. Requires special attention manufacturer of cast icons and these works will not leave you indifferent. This is the most expensive option - cast icons, but they are worth it. Alloy cast icons and the main advantage is that they have volume. Manufacturer of cast icons fairly lengthy process.

Keychains (trinkets) - without this attribute can not do hardly a bunch of keys. Trinkets are very different models are very much divided on the charms material of which they are made, namely: key chains, plastic - plastic key rings, metal - metal, leather pendants - made of leather, individual charms - pendants manufacturer in this category may be of different materials. Plastisol trinkets made of plastisol, plastisol is a dispersion of particles of special types of polymers in a liquid plasticizer. There are many different plastisols, but the wide industrial application in our time have been only plastisols based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC - plastisol). Metal key chains, they can be manufactured with different technologies and the like can be either cast or stamped pendants charms. Complement the range of acrylic pendants and charms fabric with embroidery. The site contains no complete collection of trinkets, since there are many new models that will eventually come to the site. The main focus we do on the individual charms, as a key chain will serve as an excellent carrier's logo and will be its unusual shape and personality to get attention. We also offer drawing on trinkets: pad printing or other printing on plastic keychains and metal pendants laser engraving. And in addition we offer exclusive pendants - glass pendants, which may make the bulk etching (3D engraving), charms lanterns and more.

Go to your attention a section of souvenirs, there you will find are very popular today souvenirs made of glass or crystal. Products made of crystal and glass will always be worthy of a prize or gift to a successful team for a worthy contribution.

Clock - a device with which determine the current time. Watches are available in almost every human being, and they are in every home and office, because the clock is a necessity rather than luxury. Watches are always in sight and this is an excellent media advertising. We offer branding hours (putting logos on the clock). We have in stock: clocks (watches for men and women), wall clocks (metal rim or plastic rim), clock desktop clock, individual (plastic, metal, wood). You can buy a watch on any of your taste.

Also here you can order calculators, business card holders and other office supplies with the application of individual or corporate logos.

To your attention the bags in one of the sections. Currently, people need bags of different ages and in all situations of life: student or student backpack, leather briefcase businessman or leather folders on the road trunks, suitcases or travel bags, backpacks are needed for tourists, women, girls need a handbag, athletes sports bags; holiday family will be relevant or picnic cooler bag set. Variety of models is very large, and each person wants to highlight their individuality, and our company offers its customers a service as sewing bags to order on the layout (pictured). You choose the bag that you like and we otshivaem handbags wholesale or large quantity. Also in the category of bags are such products as folders, leather wallets for men, leather briefcases, purses, passport covers, cosmetic bags and more. Quite an extensive range for you by our seamstresses and cutters will be able to make a reality of any wish.

Leather goods - the kind of products made exclusively from the skin. We have quality leather goods. Our production sews products such as: leather handbags men and women, leather briefcases, leather folders, men's leather briefcases, leather wallets and purses, covers, covers for your passport (cover) paper, cosmetic bags, key chains, leather diaries, etc. n. Leather goods products are always valued as a precious gift, and in our time, high-quality leather is stylish things. Embroidery logos to order one more service we provide.

In the printing products you can find all the possible execution of printed products. All printed products made of paper with pre-printed on it. Printed products are often used at trade shows for promotional purposes for reports of new information to potential customers, it may be leaflets, brochures, flyers, brochures or catalogs. We also offer production calendars: Calendars quarterly, pocket calendars, small house, wall calendars, calendars for the spring. Here you can also order: making individual packaging - the packaging of cardboard, gift wrapping, making cards - Christmas cards, postcards, March 8, greeting the New Year, the individual cards. This can be printed postcards and greeting cards with embossing. Also manufacturer of envelopes with the logo, the euro envelopes, envelopes can be large, the entire envelope printing quality. We also offer a spring production of notebooks and other notebooks in order.
Especially popular are paper bags, paper bags as an environmentally friendly product, and it is becoming increasingly popular among people. Now paper bags used as packaging for gifts or as packaging for expensive purchases. This is explained by the fact that paper bags can be printed full-color logo or a colorful picture. Today the order paper bags and everyone can, and should this not so expensive. Large selection of designer board, as well as many options of sizes, to fit every customer's whim. Manufacturer of paper bags allow you to get the colorful packaging for gifts or booklets, as well as the area will be located where your logo.
Also, we do not offer expensive option packages - plastic bags. Plastic bags can be of different density and different sizes, when calculating these parameters are taken into account. Also an important parameter is the number of colors applied to the plastic bag. We offer a choice of several models, this T-shirt bags, bags banana. Also a choice of packages of different colors of polyethylene.
All work performed by professional staff with an individual approach to each customer. Always happy to help in the selection, our lines are always open.

We are working with such Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Odessa, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Mariupol, Vinnitsa, Ternopil, Mukachevo, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev, Lugansk, Melitopol, Kherson, Poltava, Chernigov, Cherkassy, ​​Sumy, Gorlovka, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky and Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, White Church, Uzhgorod, Chop, Konotop, Kamenetz-Podolsk, and many of which were not included in this list.

                                                                                                                                Sincerely, The staff of Priority Group